The first video is our official introduction trailer. The next video is some game play.

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This video will show you the basic game play elements of Mars Revenge. It introduces you to the concepts of the NADS and how to power them up and use them.

This video ends with with the player destroying everyone with the NADS.

Here we see the player starting off at round 18. Right away he finds a couple of Fuel Rods and adds them to the NADS.

Once the NADS has three Fuel Rods, it is vulnerable to your weapons fire. After receiving the third Fuel Rod, the NADS begins to Power Up. If you shoot the NADS when it has three Fuel Rods, it will explode. This explosion effects everyone, including yourself, unless you perform an evasive maneuver. The strength of the explosion is determined by how much the NADS has Powered Up.

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